Axilor makes seed investments out of it’s Category 1 AIF – Axilor Technology Fund. With a corpus of 200 Cr, the seed fund is looking to back bootstrapped and Angel funded tech start-ups for their Pre Series A rounds. The fund will make initial investment of upto 3 Cr ($450-500k) with ability to participate in follow-on rounds as well. The areas of interest include consumer tech; enterprise tech; fintech; deeptech and health-tech

Axilor will look to make 5-7 new seed investments in start-ups outside of their accelerator program every year. The seed fund can invest upto 3 Cr in the first round and subsequently will look to invest more in follow-on rounds

The Axilor Technology Fund is broad-based and will look at the following sectors: Enterprise, Deep Tech/ AI, Consumer Internet, Fintech and Health Tech. We are also constantly looking for emerging themes and other frontier tech sectors to add to this list from time to time

Most of our seed funded start-ups tend to have a fast growing user base, high customer engagement, early signs of product market fit and signs of repeat usage from early customers. They are typically 12 months away from being Series A ready and have the potential to become category leaders

Axilor is not just a seed fund but a platform. Our AXENT (Axilor Enterprise Network) program is designed primarily to help startups with market access. As part of this program, we enable startups to connect with leading corporates across industries. In many cases, this offers quick customer access and in some cases go-to-market partnerships and even funding.

 With over 40+ VCs in our network (and growing), many of whom have invested in Axilor portfolio or co-invested with Axilor, the startups get the benefit of this access that improves the odds of their fund raise success.

 Start-ups also get to be part of an amazing founder community of over 225+ tech founders. Whatever be the question or challenge – technical, business, tactical, strategic, fund-raise, talent (and the list is long!) – chances are you will be able to find at least 3-4 experienced founders who can share a variety of hacks and experiences

Axilor has invested in 38 startups. 17 out of which are Seed and 21 Pre Seed investments.