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Axilor helps early-stage start-ups succeed.

Founded by some of the most respected entrepreneurs, Axilor is an accelerator and a seed fund. It helps founders improve their odds of success through its programs and a unique venture funding model.

Axilor to bet on early-stage tech start-ups from ₹200 crore fund

Seed Investor

“Any emerging ecosystem needs role models and mentors: people who have walked the path before and who can help and guide others who want to follow it. At Axilor, we are building an ecosystem of deep mentorship to support early stage start-ups and give them a long runway for growth.”

S D Shibulal

“We founded Axilor with a vision to improve the odds of success of entrepreneurs in the early stages. Axilor’s 100 day accelerator program gives founders a head-start and helps them get their startup on a trajectory for a scalable and sustainable business.”

Kris Gopalakrishnan

“As the start-up phenomenon catches momentum, attracting more entrepreneurs it is also creating a strange and unknown world for many. Axilor through its program is creating a platform which will ease these aspiring entrepreneurs into this world. The program is designed in such a way that it is for the entrepreneur, by the entrepreneur, to the entrepreneur!”

Srinath Batni

“At Axilor, we are interesting in curating technological insights, bringing science and technology into the market. Bangalore is a great hub to do this within India, benefiting from the rush of talent that continues to move here, the universities and research institutes, and the density of mentors from among seasoned entrepreneurs and managers here.”

Professor Tarun Khanna
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